Type of Ticket - Total Price

Adult Single Day - $20
Adult Weekend - $32
Youth (12 and under) Single Day - $11.50
Youth (12 and under) Weekend - $16

*Tickets purchased online are subject to the following additional fees:

* Convenience Charge - a per ticket fee that varies depending on price level:

o Adult Single Day - $3.75
o Adult Weekend - $5.25
o Youth Single Day - $2.75
o Youth Weekend - $3.75

* Order Charge - covers the cost to fulfill your ticket request when purchasing online or over the phone.

o Set fee of $3.25

* Tickets@Home Delivery Charge - offers you the convenience of printing your ticket from your home computer and printer.

o Set fee of $2.50

* Credit Card Charge - credit card fees are payable by the customer and are charged at 2.65% of the ticket purchase price (including sales tax) plus the CRF (Facility Fee), but not including the other fees above.